About Map Your Process

Who are Map Your Process?

Map Your Process is a trading name of Clearsight Consulting Limited. Clearsight was set up in 2016 and draws on many years of process improvement experience from its employees.

We set up ‘Map Your Process’ as we found that smaller companies were often put off by the word ‘consulting’, feeling that it was just for large organisations.

We know that small and medium sizes businesses can benefit immensely from documenting their processes, so that they can not only control how they work today, but be better prepared for future growth. Our services enable companies to initially focus on the key process or processes, meaning that costs are kept low whilst beginning to reap immediate benefits.

Why do I need my processes documented?

We could, and often do (!), talk about this at length. For the sake of brevity. we will keep to a few key points:

1) With smaller businesses, we often find that processes and procedures are only in someone’s head (normally the business owner) and not formally documented. Not only does this make it difficult for that person to step away from the business (holidays, sickness) but it stops them from focusing on growing the business as they are always being sucked into the day-to-day work.

2) Without being clearly defined, processes are open to interpretation around how they are performed. In fact, many companies find that when they document their processes, they are not being performed as they should be. Furthermore, we nearly always discover that different people perform the ‘same’ task differently, meaning inconsistent and untracked services to clients.

3) Businesses change over time whether that is through growth, changing external factors, or improving how they deliver their product or service. Regardless of the reason, if you’re changing how you work, then there needs to be clarity around how the new process will look and how it will affect you.

Why do we need Map Your Process to do this?

Put simply, we provide independence and expertise. When we work with you, we will ask you and your questions to ensure that we get the process right, with all steps documented. We often find that when companies create their own process documentation, critical steps can be missed out because they see the process as a whole rather than a series of steps. It’s also easy to make assumptions about the way things are done – we are happy to ask the “stupid questions”! If the processes are going to be shared internally or externally, it is vital that they represent the real process.

What will it cost?

Each engagement is priced separately. We take time to understand the client’s aims and budget, then use this to come up with a monthly fee payable for twelve months. This fee includes the creation of the maps. software access and ongoing support (if needed).

How long will it take?

When providing a quote, our process experts will always provide an estimate of how long it will take. A lot will depend upon the amount of mapping we need to do and the clients availability to join the mapping workshops. 


I love the map! What’s next?

Once you have approved the map on the review call, we will issue you with an invoice with a link to set up a recurring payment.

Do you charge VAT?

Yes, we are a VAT registered business.

Software Access

How quickly can I get access to the software?

As soon as you’ve signed your agreement and made your initial payment, then we will give you access to the software.

How much does the software access cost?

There is no additional cost for access to the software – we include it in the monthly fee.

How many editor licences can I have?

In order to provide the free software, only Map Your Process hold editor licences for your content. The licences we assign you, will be “read only”.

Can I take ownership of the maps myself?

Absolutely – they’re your maps at the end of the day. If you want to do this then please email us at enquiries@mapyourprocess.co.uk and we will start the process off. Please note that you will either have to pay for your editor licences or keep a free version but lose some functionality. We can clarify this when you raise the support ticket.

How many view only licences can I have?

We will give you up to 50 view only licences. After this a charge may apply. If you know you’re going to need more from the outset, then please let us know and we can take this into consideration when setting up your environment.

How do I add new users?

Email us at enquiries@mapyourprocess.co.uk with the name and email of the people you want to add. Please note, that due to data protection this will need to come from an authorised person at your organisation and we will only set up people who have an email at the same domain address. If you need to add an external person then we will need to call you to confirm the details.

How long will I have access to my process maps?

You will have access to the process maps for the duration of your twelve month agreement with us.

After this point, you can choose to take ownership yourself (a licence charge may be applicable, depending on which version of the software you opt for) or else we can set up a maintenance package that will retain your software access and keep the map(s) up-to-date.

How do I use the software?

We will provide you with the links and passwords to the application. As a client of Map Your Process, we will also give you access to our ‘How To’ video guides which will show you how to use the key functions. We will also give you access to our support desk for any questions that are not covered by the videos.

Post-Mapping Changes

The process has changed since we originally mapped it. Can you update the map and what will it cost?

It’s great that you are looking at and improving the way you work. It’s what we want people to use the maps for! At the outset, we will work with you to account for amendments in your monthly fee, but appreciate that it is not always possible to foresee all changes. Minor changes can normally be made for no additional cost, but if there updates that require significant updates to the map then an additional charge would be applicable.

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