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Over twenty years of experience in helping organisations gain clarity around their processes

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Show what is being done, when it is done, how it is done, why it is done and who is responsible for doing it

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Benefits delivered to businesses in different sectors e.g. financial services, consulting, software, transport

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Our services aren’t just for large companies. In fact, what we offer here is geared towards smaller organisations

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All mapping done remotely by our process experts, so we can help no matter where in the world you are

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An affordable, scalable solution for professionally documenting your processes

By Working with Map Your Process, You Can:

Eliminate Key Person Dependencies

Sometimes, the only place a process exists is in someone’s head. This is a clear risk for any company. Not only that, but do you really want to call that person when they are on holiday or off sick (because inevitably that is when the process needs to be performed)? Get the process out of their head and into a process map,

Map Your Process

Reduce costs and gain efficiencies

Many businesses Map Your Process speak to don’t know what it costs to produce their product or deliver their service. Map Your Process can calculate this, as well as highlighting the cost of getting it wrong. Armed with this information, Map Your Process can help you to create cheaper, faster ways of working.

Maximise the sale value of your business

Prepare for sale by having your up-to-date “business in a box” ready for any potential buyer. If you’re to maximise the value of your business and be able to exit cleanly, then it is critical that there is clarity around the company’s ways of working.

Train staff and show who is responsible for the different activities in a process

Text heavy procedure documents just don’t cut it as a training tool. Our process maps are visually engaging and clearly show who is responsible for each step in a process. Need to show something detailed? No problem. Map Your Process can link specific process steps to screen recordings or screen shots for absolute clarity.

Prepare for that dream client or order

You’ve worked hard to win that game changing client or order but can your ways of working cope with it? We can work with you to streamline your ways of working and eliminate any potential bottlenecks.

What is Process Mapping?

Process mapping is the technique used to capture and visually describe how a process is performed, resulting in the production of a process map. It can also be referred to as a flowchart, process model, or flow diagram to name but a few.  It should show the various inputs and outputs to the process and be clear as to what the final output of the process should be. It should show who is responsible for performing the task as well as any systems that they are using to do so.

What is the Purpose of Process Mapping?

One of the most apparent purposes of process mapping is to gain clarity around how a process is performed. Without some form of documentation in place, processes can be open to interpretation, be performed differently depending on who is doing it. Process mapping establishes a “single version of the truth” the blueprint for how a task or process should be executed. Once you have an agreed way of working documented and being followed, you have created the opportunity for improving that process.

How Can Process Mapping Help You?

Let’s be clear: process mapping should not be a one-off exercise with the output left to gather dust (virtual or real!). The maps need to be kept up to date to inform and drive change in a business. The understanding that has been gained through the process mapping exercise means that you are now in a position to look for inefficiencies (e.g. bottlenecks, duplication of effort, unnecessary rework); understand the hand-offs between teams and what might cause delays; inform projects… the list goes on. More complex analysis such as costing can also be produced off of good process mapping.

Is Process Mapping Relevant for All Businesses?

One of the biggest myths we hear is “Process mapping and improvement are only for big organisations”. This couldn’t be further from the truth. All businesses have processes and therefore have the opportunity to do things better. Our clients have ranged from 3 employees to over 100, and the opportunities are apparent for all.

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